Highlight & Contour Stick By Rimmel: Is It Any Good?

Cream contouring is something I wanted to try for a while but never felt like spending the money on. I mean yeah, you don’t need a contour stick to cream contour. You can just use a foundation or concealer in a darker shade. But nope, I wanted to try something that was specifically designed for cream contouring. And something that didn’t have an orange undertone, like some of the more affordable cream contouring products tend to have.

The other month I found myself nearly convinced that I have to order the KKW Beauty highlight & contour sticks. Everybody on the Internet was talking about them, and I figured that Kim Kardashian West is known for her perfectly contoured & highlighted looks. Thankfully I’m not crazy enough to pay $48 for something that I might not like. Then a few days later I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw that Rimmel came out with a duo contour stick.

‘Perfect timing!’ I thought. I looked at the shades and they didn’t seem to look orange. But a picture online can be tricky, so instead of ordering one I just waited and went in stores to check them out. The Rimmel Insta Contour Stick retails for £6.99 both at Superdrug* and at Boots, which is not too bad. ‘Actually, that is a great price if it works well’ I thought.

I picked up mine from Boots just because I like their point reward system better. Once I got there I was glad to see that they are indeed not orange-toned. They only have 3 shades though, light, medium and dark. I decided to pick the one in the shade Medium, as lately something’s gotten into me and I started to like to fake tan every now and then. Weird, I know. Also, why am I boring you with so many stories? It’s just a contour stick, for hell’s sake. On to the review!

As I was saying, the contouring shade is not orange at all. That’s a big thumbs up. Both sides of the duo contour stick are very creamy and blend beautifully. It is not difficult to blend them either, which is also great because I already spent a hell lot of time doing my makeup as it is.

The highlighter is a pretty silvery-champagne color. However, it is one of these highlighters that you can only notice when the light hits it. Also, after you blend it out it there’s nothing too special about it. I guess it’s what you would pick up if you wanted a ‘natural, subtle glow from within’. Eww honey, that’s so not me. But to each their own.

I tried to apply a powder highlighter on top of the Rimmel one after I blended it out and frankly it didn’t enhance the powder too much. The contour shade, however, after I set it with powder gives me some hella good looking cheekbones! And of course, well-contoured nose, temples and jaw line too.

As I was not very impressed with the highlighter, I only wear it when I go to work since I am supposed to keep it light and natural. I guess on the face it looks a bit better than when I swatched it on my hand, but I’m still not really living for it. Tip: you can apply it on top of powder, just make sure you don’t press too hard, otherwise it can take off your foundation. On the plus side, it does last all night and when I come home 14+ hours later I still have highlighter on.

However, I reached for the contour stick quite a bit during my recent holiday and days off. I like the staying power, my cheeks are still well defined by the end of the day/night, but keep in mind I use a lot of powder and usually bullet-proof my makeup.

Lastly, let’s talk about what you get for your money. Each side of the stick has 0.14oz/4 grams of product. I am not an expert when it comes to highlight and contour stick weights and sizes, though. But for £7 I think it’s alright. It’s not going to break the bank when I need to repurchase. I also noticed that even though I used the contour stick quite a bit, it hasn’t gone down too much despite it being very creamy. So I guess it’s not like I will have to run to the drugstore every other week. Below you can see that’s all you get when you just buy the product. It doesn’t look like much, but so far I barely even dented the contour shade.

All in all, I am happy with the Rimmel Insta Contour Stick. I think it’s a bargain and if you want to test the waters before diving into more expensive cream contouring or highlighting products, it’s a great start. The shade medium blends very well so it suits me both when I have fake tan on or when I’m a bit paler. It’s also made its way to my travel makeup bag because let’s be real, who doesn’t love a good selfie?

Have you tried the Rimmel duo contour stick? Or any other cream highlighting/contouring products? What would you recommend I try next?


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