Romantic Prom/Date Night Eye Makeup Tutorial ♡

Hello loves! So for this makeup I played around with some burgundy and copper-ish eyeshadows and I think this look would be really cool for prom or a date night 🙂 Lemme know your thoughts ♡
If you’d like to see what I did you can keep on reading this post for a step by step tutorial or watch the YouTube video below 🙂 Enjoy!

Okay so the first thing you’d want to do in order to make sure your eye makeup stays in place all night long is use a base before applying the eyeshadows. I don’t have a primer, so I just used some concealer 🙂
Then I took a cool toned brown eyeshadow that’s a bit darker than my skin tone and I applied that as a transition color, to make sure the eyeshadows are going to blend easily later on.
Then I took a little bit of a super light and soft pink eyeshadow and applied that in the inner and outer corners of my eye, both on my lid and on the bottom. This step is optional, but I figured it’d be easier to have this underneath the darker eyeshadows so that they’d blend easier and not look as harsh in case I’d apply too much.
Next on the same blending brush I used to apply the pink with, I took a little bit of a burgundy eyeshadow and again applied that in the inner and outer parts of my eye. I kept adding more little by little, until I was happy with how it looks .
Afterwards I took a darker burgundy eyeshadow and applied that on top of what I already had going on. Again, build up the color instead of going in with a lot of product from the beginning. Or at least that’s what I did, since this eyeshadow made my eyes look quite tired and bruised – just making sure that I wouldn’t screw up! 🙂
Once I was happy with how that looked, I took a golden-copper eyeshadow and popped that in the center of my lid and of my bottom lash line, where I had no product left. I feel like these colors together make a quite romantic-looking eye makeup, which I really like, despite the fact that I don’t go for it very often. Back on topic.. swipe your brush on top of the burgundy eyeshadow a little bit to make the transition less obvious, then go back to your blending brush and make sure there are no harsh lines :).
I felt like I needed a little bit of darkness, so I took the tiniest little bit of black eyeshadow and applied that only on the outer corner. At first only on the top, but after I applied my false lashes I applied it on the bottom as well, to pull everything together.
For my browbone highlight I just used some white/beige-ish eyeshadow after I made sure that everything is well blended in my crease – go back to the brush you applied the brown eyeshadow with in the beginning, and swipe it back and forth until happy with how it looks :).
I applied a black eyeliner on my tightline to make sure my lashline is black and looks fuller, then a white eyeliner on my waterline (I hate this part, I feel like I say “line” way too many times LOL). Next I lined my eyes and winged it out. I went for a quite thick wing, I was going to keep it thin and less dramatic but I messed up as well as realised that I like it more like this :).
Next mascara.. lately when I use false lashes for my looks I apply one coat on my top lashes and two on the bottom. If you are not a falsies fan though, feel free to just do your mascara the way you normally would :D.
I wanted peachy nude lips, but I felt like it was washing me out somehow, so I just applied a little bit of a nude pink lipstick on top.

And that’s it! 🙂 Let me know what you think about this look. I think it’s great for both prom and a date night, but I’m looking forwards to hearing your opinion <3

Products used:
Bobbi Brown brushes
Precision Flat Blending brush – Ebay
88 eyeshadows palette
Makeup Revolution Iconic 2 palette
White Eyeliner – Avon
Black eyeliner from Physicians Formula Nude Eyes Kit
P.S. Love… Liquid Eyeliner
P.S. Love… Volumising Ultra Black mascara
P.S. Love… Intense false eyelashes
Gabrini Colour Perfection lipstick – # 30
Ruby Rose lipstick – # 154

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