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Sleek Oh So Special Palette Review and Swatches

Hey there,

Today I’m going to review the Sleek Oh So Special palette. I’ve been loving this palette ever since I got it so I want to share my thoughts with you and show you some swatches! This beauty here retails for £7.99 but I bought it at the same time I got the Sleek Au Naturel palette and found a 2 for £10 deal on Superdrug*, which was a bargain. Boots* also has deals on Sleek cosmetics every now and then, in case you want to save some cash :).
I have to admit, looking at it online I was quite indecisive about getting it. The shadows looked alright in the picture, but not mind blowing. However after swatching and playing around with it a few times I’ve come to love this way more than the Au Naturel, as the eyeshadows are more pigmented, more colorful and well, prettier if you ask me. All of the shadows are smooth/soft, a dream to work with and blend and I didn’t really experience any fall out either.

Just like the other i-Divine palettes, the Sleek Oh So Special comes in a sleek (duh!) matte packaging that has a full sized mirror inside and one of these annoying sponge applicators – I’ve ranted about sponge applicators in the past, not sure why brands still do it, let’s move on. The shadows stay put all day and don’t crease, but I have yet to use them without an eye primer to see if there would be any difference.
Let’s take a moment to admire them pretty shadows, shall we? Yaaasss!
My camera wanted to focus on some shadows more than others, but hopefully you are still able to see the pigment in each eyeshadow. I feel like the only one that could be way way better in this palette is Bow, the creamy one on the top. But other than that I think it has a better pigment than the Au Naturel palette. I mean I managed to get the matte light shades, Ribbon and Pamper to show up both on my hand and on my eyes (stunning combo by the way!) without any effort which is obviously a plus.
sleek oh so special palette
The Mail, Boxed and Wrapped Up are great crease colors as well, and despite that the latter two look pretty similar in the pan, I like the fact that they have a different undertone, allowing me to create different looks when using this palette.
I love blue eyeshadows and Glitz is to die for! The matte black, Noir, comes in the Au Naturel palette as well, and while I would usually be bummed about getting the same eyeshadow in different palettes, I’m not mad about it, actually… it’s a really good black!
I’ll take a break from the Sleek Oh So Special palette for a second… Speak about getting the same eyeshadows in different palettes, check out my review on Makeup Revolution’s I Heart Passion palette, where I found that I already have 7 out of the 16 shades in different palettes with different names too – love that palette, but it was such a disappointment!

See that purple, really foiled eyeshadow there? It’s called Gateau (why French… why?!?!?!) and it’s hands down the most gorgeous purple I own. So pretty and foiled and girly and and and I love it! It has gold specs of glitter in it, but a weird thing happened though: when I was doing a Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial and I applied it with a brush it looked like a golden eyeshadow with some purple reflex to it… still was super pretty, but I haven’t figured out if it was just my lighting or that fact that I used a brush that made it transform. Can’t remember if it was only on camera or in real life as well as I was pretty tired… Still weird, but I love it!

I have yet to use Organza, Gift Basket or Celebrate but seeing how well they swatched I can only guess that they are awesome as well. By the way, I love how the eyeshadows in this palette have such cute and girly names, big thumbs up!

And that is all for my Sleek Oh So Special palette review 🙂 I hope you found this helpful!
Overall I am really happy with the palette and as I mentioned earlier, I think it’s better than the Sleek Au Naturel – I would definitely recommend this one!

Have you tried out the Sleek Oh So Special eyeshadow palette or any other Sleek makeup products? What would you suggest I try next? I’d love to hear your recommendations 🙂

As always, thank you for taking the time to stop by!

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