Soft Pink Valentine’s Day Makeup ♡

Hello! 🙂 Here’s a makeup idea for Valentine’s Day – a super easy and girly soft pink look 🙂 Enjoy ♡
If you are interested in seeing how I got this look then please keep on reading or watch the YouTube video 🙂

Okay so as most of the times, this is only an eye makeup tutorial (I don’t want my videos to take hours or a post to take forever to read, lol). 🙂 I started by applying a white eyeshadow all over my eye (from the lash line towards the browbone), after using a concealer underneath. Then I applied a very light and soft pink eyeshadow on the lid, focusing on the inner part mostly.
This look was all about layering different shades of pink and going from lighter to darker so that’s what I did next: I took a brighter and slightly darker shade of pink and I applied it in the center of my lid towards the outer part, and then an even brighter pink on top of that. I took a fluffy blending brush and I made sure that there are no harsh lines and the transition between shades isn’t that obvious. You can go ahead and build up the color to the intensity you want, but I wanted to keep it quite simple and wearable this time.

I took another flat brush and the darkest pink from my 88 eyeshadows palette mixed with a… burgundy-ish? eyeshadow and I applied that right on the outter corner. I felt like my eyes were looking too flat and boring without a little bit of darkness, lol. Then I went back to the fluffy brush and made sure that everything is well blended.
Next I applied that burgundy-ish shade on the lower lash line as well and smoked it out a little bit since I didn’t want it to be so harsh.
I went back to the first brush that I used to apply the white & the soft pink eyeshadow with and I reapplied some of that white eyeshadow in the inner corner and on my browbone in order to highlight a little bit (the white lost intensity from all the blending I’ve previously done).
Afterwards I applied a black eyeliner in my tight and water line – you can use a white or flesh-tone eyeliner if you prefer something softer and more natural looking, but that’s not my thing… I felt like I went wearable enough with the look, but I like my lines to be super black :). I also took a liquid liner and lines my eyes – as always I winged it out, but feel free to keep it simple if you want.
For my lashes I mixed two mascaras again, the first one is a black brown one from Makeup Revolution, and the second is my Essence Get Big Lashes mascara. I suppose for Valentine’s Day it would be cool to wear falsies, but for this look I decided not to (dunno why, I usually love dramatic lashes haha).
Lastly, the lips.. the look is pink enough as it is, so maybe I should have gone for a nude lip or something, but I was feeling pink lips too so that’s what I did. I took a quite bright pink lipstick from Ruby Rose and in order to make my lips even brighter & pop more I applied a clear lip gloss. 🙂

And that’s it for this look 😀 I hope you like it!

Products used:
Bobbi Brown brushes
88 eyeshadows palette
Black eyeliner from Physicians Formula Nude Eyes kit
Liquid liner – ???
Makeup Revolution Amazing Curl mascara – black brown
Essnece – Get Big! Lashes – 3 triple black mascara
Ruby Rose lipstick – # 294
Makeup Revolution Lip gloss tube – Free

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