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Sugar Nail Art on Natural Almond Nails ♡

I’ve been wanting to try this sugar nail art for so long – I can’t believe I finally did it! 🙂 I hope you enjoy watching ♡


Alright so for this nail design I thought it would be fun if I painted each nail a different color rather than having the same color on all of them – of course this is just my take on it. I wanted to have fun and play around, but if you want to go for different colors or less colors that’s totally fine! 🙂

I put my sugar on a napkin because I didn’t want it to go all over my room – however if you watch the video you will see that I had waaaay too much sugar left. That’s because I got around 3 teaspoons of sugar there and 1 would have been more than enough.


SugarNailsI recommend doing one nail at the time – apply top coat after the nail polish has completely dried and then I took some sugar with my teaspoon and dropped it on top of my nail. I took a brush and cleaned around the edges.

The one thing I did and I shouldn’t have done was apply top coat on top of the sugar – it made it look quite weird and not pop out as much, though it did help make the sugar blend in with the nail polish color… I would suggest just using your finger to press down the sugar and make sure it’s stuck to your nails rather than applying top coat on top of it.

Anyway, I just repeated the same thing on all of my nails. Pretty easy, right? Let me know if you’d try this out!


My nails are natural! Click here if you’d like to find out more about my nails, care routine and most commonly asked questions.


Products used (in order of appearance):
Rapsodi nailpolish – 310 (pink)
GcocL nail polish – 6 (green)
Flormar Plus+ Quartz nail enamel – 074 (red)
Medusa Isabella nail polish – 23 (black)
Rapsodi nailpolish – 334 (purple)
Medusa Isabella nail polish – 76 (orange)
Rapsodi nailpolish – 302 (white)
GcocL nail polish – 2 (yellow)
Rapsodi nailpolish – 354 (brown)
Flormar nail enamel – 431 (blue)
Gabrini 3d nailpolish – 00 (top coat)

+ a Bobbi Brown brush
+ 3 teaspoons of sugar (only one is necessary)

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