Sultry Black Smokey Eyes Tutorial ♡

I looove black smokey eyes – so sultry and cool looking! 🙂 Hi there and welcome to my newest tutorial ♡ This time I wanted to go for something more dramatic and this is what I came up with – obsessed with the look! I think it would look really pretty with nude lips too, if you don’t wanna go all out 🙂
If you are interested in seeing how I got this look, you can either keep on reading this post for a step by step tutorial or watch the YouTube video below. Enjoy ♡

Okay so I have already done my foundation routine before getting started with this makeup and primed my eyelids as well. Then I applied a white eyeshadow all over the lids to make sure that I will be able to blend everything together nice and easy later on.
Then I went in with a quite neutral brown in the crease: not a lot of it as I didn’t really want it to show up – again, it was for blending purposes.

Next thing I did was apply a reddish eyeshadow in the crease and slowly blend it towards the brow bone. I went with a little bit of product at the time and took a few minutes to make sure it’s properly blended – with a color like this you would rather work your way up as it would be easier than having to tone it down due to applying too much product at once.
black-smokey-eye-makeup-tutorial Once I was happy with the how the red eyeshadow looked, I applied a dark brown one all over my lid, leaving the inner 1/3 bare. Again, I didn’t insist too much on the brown as I had no intention of it showing up anyway.
Afterwards I packed a flat brush with loads of black eyeshadow and applied that on top of the brown on my lids. Black it something you wanna build up usually, but I decided to go full on and blend it out afterwards – I knew the eyeshadow is quite blendable and it’s not the blacked black out there anyway.
Then I took the fluffy blending brush I used to apply the colors in my crease earlier and blended the black into the red as good as I could – just take your time with this step and it cannot go wrong :). I also popped that black on the outer 2/3 of my lower lash line and smoked it out with the white and neutral brown eyeshadows.


black-makeup-smokey-eye After I finished blending, I went back to that white eyeshadow I first applied on my lids and highlighted my inner corner area (which I left bare) and my brow bone – I feel like really pulls the look together.
As usual I used a black liner in my waterline and set it with the black eyeshadow I used earlier, then I applied liquid eyeliner on the top lid and winged it out like I normally do.
Lastly, apply mascara. I mixed my L’oreal Telescopic with the Rimmel Super Curler to get insane lashes, even though I decided to pop on a pair of falsies as well. I always say this, false eyelashes are totally optional and if you don’t feel comfortable wearing them then you don’t have to – just make sure you apply loads of mascara :).

As far as my lip color goes, I wanted to go for a bright and deep red. Of course wearing a nude lip or a soft pink/peach would probably be almost everybody’s choice when it comes to a black smokey eye, but I wanted to try something different.

And that’s all for my sultry black smokey eyes tutorial. I really hope that you enjoyed this look – let me know what you think in a comment below!

Thank you for stopping by!

Products used:
Bobbi Brown brushes
Makeup Revolution – I Heart Passion palette
Eyeshadow Quad from Sunkissed cosmetics (this doesn’t have a number/name on it, sorry)
Black eyeliner from Physicians Formula Nude Eyes kit
Makeup Gallery liquid eyeliner – black
L’oreal Telescopic mascra
Rimmel London 24hr Super Curler mascara – 001 Black
Makeup Revolution Lip Lava – Firestorm

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