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Sunkissed Cosmetics Makeup Set Review and Swatches

sunkissed cosmeticsHey there and thank you for stopping by! Today I am going to write a review on this makeup set By Sunkissed cosmetics that I bought a few days ago. I’ll also swatch pretty much everything in the kit, so if you’d like to see what it looks like and hear/read my thoughts about it, then please keep reading! 🙂 And get yourself some popcorn, this is going to take a while 😉

Okay so I will start by showing you a better picture of what the set looks like.

(in the box)
 (no box)

Okay so I found this gorgeousness at Savers (U.K.) and to my surprise it was only £10. I did a quick math and I was like “whaaat. 27 items for 10 pounds??? I NEED THIS!!” so a few days after I went to get it – luckily, it was the last one they had, lol! Now, I am not sure if this was on sale or if there was some kind of amazing deal/great value as I looked on the Sunkissed website and I couldn’t find anything that looks like this. Their website will be linked at the end of this post 🙂

♡ Pros ♡ Cons

♡ The price is really soooo affordable and as you are about to read next, I believe it’s worth it! I haven’t heard about Sunkissed cosmetics before and I don’t know much about them or their products but if you think about it you wouldn’t be able to buy this many (drugstore, I guess) products with only 10 GBP.
 ♡ NONE of the products in this set have any name/number/shade written anywhere. I find that a little unprofessional, if you will. I mean, c’mon, even crappy Romanian products that nobody else had or will ever hear about have some kind of name or number on the packaging!

Let’s get into details, shall we? 🙂

The nailpolishes

 ♡ Pretty red and nude-brownish-pink
 ♡ Fully opaque in two coats
♡ I’ve only had the nail polishes on for less than 2 days at the time I finished writing this review so I don’t really know how long will they last on my nails.
 ♡ Doesn’t make my nails feel dry or weird
 ♡ I think that after 1 hour they still weren’t feeling completly dry
 ♡ No terrible smell
♡ The finish is not matte, but it’s not super shiny either.

I didn’t apply any base or top coat.

The lipsticks

The red one is goooorgeous, if you ask me!! I cannot believe that I didn’t try red lips earlier, I’ve totally been missing out! The pink is really pretty as well, I always love me some pink lips (only pink, actually haha).
In the pictures I have the red lipstick with a lipliner on and the pink lipstick without a lip liner.
♡ Creamy formula, I can say. My lips are quite chapped and I was surprised that I could get away with lipstick only! I usually have to add a lip balm/gloss on top for them to look better, ughh. Therefore
 ♡ Don’t make lips feel dry or look chapped
It did transfer a little bit on my glass of water and cigarette, but the lips looked the same as they did when I first put on the lipstick. 
♡ They didn’t seem to have any particular smell, but then again I got a cold so I wouln’t count on that.
  ♡ They seemed a little sheer at first, I kinda had to go back on forth a few times and also push harder than usual. Once you get the pigmentation/intensity you want, they look really beautiful though! I guess you can say that they are… buildable (like a foundation, hehe).
♡ Cannot tell if they last long on the lips. So far I have used them both for only for a short ammount of time.
♡ They don’t make my teeth look yellow, on the contrary – I feel like it made my teeth look whiter haha.


They look really pretty. The red one is just a basic lip glss where as the pink one has a little bit of simmer in it.
♡ Beautiful colors that work pretty okay on their own, if you ae going for a more natural look.
 ♡ They don’t feel very sticky which is a great thing in my opinion.
 ♡ They do transfer a bit but nothing too crazy.
 ♡ Gives the effect of beautiful and fuller lips 😀
 ♡ The packaging… I believe it would have looked & worked  better if they went for a normal tube with a brus applicator instead of this plastic tubes which you need to squeeze in order to get product out. You can’t control 100% the ammount of lipgloss that comes out.

Lip liners

You can see what the darker one looks line in the picture with the red lips above. and here is the slightly lighter one with pink lipstick on. I haven’t tried these by themselves.
♡ Creamy formula prevents you from hurting (not literally) your lips while applying it.
♡ Packaging – regular lip liner/pencil…
♡ Out of all the lip products of the set, these last the longest. I wiped my lips off when I wanted to remove the lipstick/lip gloss but the line was still there.
♡ I don’t know if it’s only the set I got, but they look extremly alike. One is slightlyyyy darker than the other, but it’s not a huge difference. I was kinda hoping for an actual red liner to go with the lipstick& gloss but I guess these work took

Here’s a swatch on my hand of all the lip products


They are named blushes but I think that they are more of a bronzer&blush duo. I guess it depends on how each one sees things, no idea.
Now in the pictures I swatched them with a primer as well. I don’t have a face primer, but I used an eyeshadow primer instead. Don’t know why, I suppose some of you apply a face primer before foundation and all that good stuff, but I have no idea if it works the same as an eyeshadow primer, lol.

 ♡ Really pigmented and a little goes a long way from what I’ve seen.
♡ I tried countouring with the bronzy one and it worked pretty fine.
♡ They are not matte, got small chunks of glitter in them.



 ♡ Brown and black
♡ Apply smoothly
♡ I suppose they are not waterproof or anything, as it doesn’t say anywhere
♡ Haven’t worn them long enough to see if they smudge throughout the day 🙁
♡ I noticed that they didn’t come off really easy after I did the swatches on my hand and tried to remove them with a makeup remover wipe – maybe they last pretty decently on the eyes too
♡ I like their size – most eyeliners that come with a makeup kit are tiny (correct me if I am wrong), these aren’t


Since these don’t have any number/shade/name I will write a number in front of each quad, in a the random order I swatched each one. As you are about to see, the darker shades are pigmented and ok, where as the lighter shades lack pigmentation.
By the way, I noticed that you can take out each little tiny eyeshadow… so if you want to make your own quad instead of having to use more of them on a daily basis… there you go. 🙂

I think I forgot to mention that none of these eyeshadows are matte 🙂 Not incredibly shimmery either though.

Quad 1
I was really excited to play around with this palette as the purple eyeshadow is absolutely beautiful!

♡ The purple eyeshadow is actually the only one with a decent ammount of pigmentation. 
♡ You cannot see the white and the 2 brownish shades are barely visible even with a primer on… bummer!! 

Quad 2
This is another quad that I was really excited about. 
♡ The grayish eyeshadow has purple glitter in it, so beautiful! And somewhat decent ammount of pigmentation.
 ♡ The light gold would look really pretty, if it would actually show up…
 ♡ Peachy color is disappointing as well.
 ♡ The bronzy brown eyeshadow is great 🙂

Quad 3
 ♡ I always get excited about black eyeshadows, and the one in this quad is decent
♡ The white is.. alright actually. It didn’t swatch the first time, while I was filming though 
♡ The light gray is barely visible
♡ The dark gray is quite dark, in real life it actually looks as dark as the black. That’s fine with me, I guess

Quad 4

This was another quad that I was excited about! 🙂
 ♡ The light beige is disappointing as usual
 ♡ The sparkly purple-ish color is ok and pretty
♡ The brown is so and so…
♡ The almost black eyeshadow is ok, better with a primer on

Quad 5
.♡ White – pointless, it feels like it shows up better without the primer, what the heck?
♡ The rest of them are fine

Quad 6
 Another preeeety eyeshadow quad 🙂
 ♡ Darker shades – great
♡ Lighter shades… a bit more decent, this time

Quad 7
 This gets me pretty excited too, because of that reddish eyeshadow 🙂

♡  Beautiful and wearable red
 ♡ Good bronzy brown
 ♡ Another good grayish/purple-ish sparkly eyeshadow
♡ Baby pink… not so great

Quad 8
 Ok once again my camera picked out the colors a little more intense. Let’s see
(excuse the super terrible and random swatch… I dunno why did I do it on the back of my hand lmao)
♡ The lightest shade – yep, as we all expected.. Pooointless
 ♡ The purpleish/cranberry one is good
 ♡ The 2 other ones are pretty alright as well

Pick ‘n’ Mix Compact

Oh, when I saw this in the packaging I thought that it would be a huge a** bronzing powder or something like that. For some reason I felt a little disappointed to find out that it’s a compact in which you can put your favorite quads (or blushe duos). However
♡ Great for tavelling – if you don’t want to bring a lot of lipglosses, eyeshadows or blushes or palettes so on, you can just choose some of the Sunkissed quads and you’re good to go
♡ Actually you don’t have to travel – just put in there the eyeshadows you like so that you don’t have to search for them next time, lol.

Lipgloss quads

 ♡ I gave up on trying to take a picture of these after I tried to apply two of them on my lips. The color wasn’t really showing (either because of poor pigmentation or because my lips were starting to turn red from wiping my mouth with a makeup removing wipe).

Everything else

Let’s see… I haven’t tried out the lip brush, I was using my own when I wanted to try out the lip glosses in the quads
Nothing can be wrong with a pencil sharpener, I think.
The small brush for blushes… not a huge fan, but I believe you can use it if you want to contour.
The eyeshadow applicator.. not a fan either, I would have loved an actual eyeshadow/blending brush but that’s just me.

Sunkissed website


Overall it’s still a good deal on my opinion. I am disappointed in the lighter eyeshadows and the lip gloss quads, but if I think about it.. the rest of the eyeshadows are decent enough. I prefer darker and more dramatic looks anyway so I suppose I can work with them. The blush duos are pretty. The lipsticks, lip liners and lipglosses are awesome, I believe. I think it was worth to pay 10 pounds for this. Afterall, as I said earlier in this post… you wouldn’t be able to get so many products with this money else where… And knowing that you usually get what you pay for, I actually feel like I got a great deal on this haha.


I also talked about this in a YouTube video! 🙂 It’s not as in detail as this article, but maybe you’d like to check it out 🙂


DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored video/ blog post. I bought this product with my own money and all of the opinions are mine as well.

Thank you so much for taking time to check this out!! 🙂


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