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Sunset nails ♡ Tutorial ♡ Natural stilettos (no gel and no acrylic)

I decided to go for stiletto nails again ♡ I should have probably let my nails grow a little bit longer since some nails are more almond shaped than stilettos but it’s alright I suppose.
I wanted to go for a pretty and colorful nail design (but yet something really easy to do) and I figured that summer is pretty much around the corner, which reminded me of the beautiful sunsets and this is how I got my nails 😀

This design is super easy because the only thing you need is a sponge – which doesn’t require precision and blending the nail polishes into each other should be pretty easy for any beginner out there :).

sunset nailsI started by applying a red nail polish on the very top of my nails and blended it towards the center – if your nail polish is super pigmented like mine, keep pushing the sponge against the nail until the color starts looking more blended in.

Next I took a pink nail polish and applied that under the red, blending the two colors into each other. And repeated the same step with an orange nail polish then a yellow one at the very tip, ending up with a nice gradient effect, kind of what a summer sunset would look like.

Apply a top coat and that’s it for this sunset nails tutorial! Pretty easy and straight forward, right? 🙂

I have also done a sundawn nail tutorial because I was obsessed with how this design came out! Click here to watch my take on a sundawn inspired nail design.

My nails are natural! Click here if you’d like to find out more about my nails, nail care routine and most frequently asked questions.
Click to watch:
Stiletto nails ♡ How to, design, natural nails, no gel and no acrylic

Products used:
GcocL nail polish – 1 (red) & 2 (yellow)
Flormar nail enamel – 443 (pink)
Medusa Isabella nail polish – 76 (orange)
Gabrini 3D nailpolish – 00 (top coat)


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