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Swatches and Review! Makeup Revolution Go! Palette & Go! To Hell

makeup revolution go palettemakeup revolution go to hell paletteHappy Monday! Today I am back with another swatches and review post πŸ˜€ This time I want to talk about the Makeup Revolution Go! palettes. These are from their “I β™‘ Makeup” collection and I am in love with both of them. One is named simply “Go! Palette” and the other one is called “Go! to Hell” (I loooove this name! and I know I will).
I am not sure what else to write in this intro so I will get started with the actual review. Actually before I start rumbling, if you are not familiar with Makeup Revolution, they are an UK-based cruelty free brand and they have super affordable products πŸ™‚
Now let’s get started :D.

Before I say anything, these two products were not bought with my own money! I received them after I placed an order on Black Friday (they had this spend 25GBP and get another 25 pounds worth of gifts) – these palette was a gift. However I am not paid to feature it and all of the opinions or thoughts you are about to read are my own.

Let’s talk price. Each of this palette costs 6,49 pounds. Lately I’ve seen that they have some kind of offer where it’s just 4 pounds/one or all 4 Go! palettes for 8 pounds. I am not sure if prices are going to stay like this, but right now that’s what I am seeing on their website (and have been seeing this for the past few weeks). I noticed that products from their I β™‘ Makeup collection are a bit pricier than other products (they also have a dupe for Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar in this collection b.t.w.) but if they keep these discounted prices I think they are alright.

I will start with the Go! Palette, since this once has less eyeshadows.
So you get a blush, a highlighter, a contour shade, and 6 great eyeshadows (5 of them shimmery).
The highlighter is super pigmented and super pretty. It’s like a whiteish one with a slightly pink undertone at the first sight and it’s gorgeous on the skin as well.
I don’t what happened with the pictures, but in real life the blush is very pigmented as well. The first time I used it I was thinking that it’s one of my crappy blushes and I had a lot of product on my brush LOL. Good thing I like overdone blush during winter, but I still had to tone it down quite a bit. It’s a nice shade of pink too πŸ™‚
The contour shade isn’t very impressive. It does create some shadows on my face where I want to look slimmer, but to be honest with you I used it more as a transition color for when I wanted a somewhat natural look, LOL. It could use more pigmentation πŸ™‚
Now let’s talk about the eyeshadows. As you can see they all are very pigmented (even the matte whiteish one, it swatched pretty good). The 5 shimmery ones are super creamy and blend very easily. I think you can create both natural looks and one or two slightly dramatic looks with this palette which is a good thing – especially if you’re travelling, it will spare you the trouble of bringing a lot of palettes with you.
I haven’t tried all of these eyeshadows (only about 4 of them, still haven’t played around with the matte white and the shade between the dark purple and bronze) but the ones I wore were great. They didn’t crease for many hours and at the end of the day (my days are usually pretty long, not your average 6-8 hours at school/work) they still looked bright and pretty on the eyes.Β  And let me tell you, that bronzy eyeshadow is liiife! πŸ™‚
Worth 6,49? I don’t see why not. Even better if you can still find it for 4GBP!


The Go! to Hell palette

Thumbs up for the name – I love it. Those religious people out there may not, but personally I find it brilliant. I don’t remember having heard such an interesting name for an eyeshadow palette before so I really like how Makeup Revolution came up with something fun and original πŸ˜€ I don’t like religious related things, but for some reason (as you can tell) I am getting all excited about this LOL.
Now since there are quite some eyeshadows in this palette, I went ahead and swatched the ones on the outter part + the black in the middle first and then the ones that are in the center.
So the first 10 eyeshadows I swatched (as I said, the black in the center + 9 big ones) are awesomeee!! As I got used from the previous palettes that I tried, the shimmery ones are beautiful and super creamy. Can we just take a second to admire that silver eyeshadow or that dark purple, meoooow!! The lilac-y purple eyeshadow on the bottom and the matte grayish ones aren’t that awesome, but still pretty good. I actually had a makeup tutorial in which I used some of these shades including this light purple (click here for that) and it was showing beautifully.Since I love both colorful and dark, dramatic looks, I love these eyeshadows as well πŸ™‚

The second row has smaller eyeshadows (I had a hard time swatching these, LOL, my fingers were barely fitting in there haha)
Okay so I started the swatches with the bronzy color, then the white and I somehow managed to swatch that 3rd eyeshadow twice, lol. Then there was a gray and another shade of purple. These 5 eyeshadows came out really pretty. They seem pigmented enough if you ask me :). And they are all shimmery (as you can see if you click on the picture).
The next 4 are mattes… errr. The browinish one on the bottom could really use more pigment. And so could that washed out purple. The gray swatchedΒ  quite decent but I feel like it could be better too. And again that beige eyeshadow is a no show.
The only eyeshadows of this palette that I wore for a longer time were the lilac purple and the sparkly black in the middle. They looked great and didn’t crease πŸ™‚ (had a concealer underneath, not a primer). I am happy with this palette, despite the fact that there are a few eyeshadows that could be way better.
Would I recommend it? Yeah. I am by no means saying that you need this in your life asap!!!, lol. But if you are like me and you like colorful and dramatic looks this could be fun to play around with πŸ™‚ Especially if you can still get it for the discounted price :D.

I am happy with both palettes.
β™‘ Except for that contour shade, the Go! Palette is really pretty and the eyeshadows are great. So are the blush and highlighter.
β™‘ The “Go! to Hell” palette is lovely. Out of 19 eyeshadows only 3 are bad, 3 are in between and the rest are great.Β 
β™‘ The eyeshadows (that I tried) lasted for a good amount of time on my eyes and didn’t crease.
β™‘ If you can still get them for cheaper on their website then the prices are awesome πŸ˜€
β™‘ Makeup Revolution should really put more effort into their matte eyeshadows though!

And I am running out of ideas again. No, these palettes don’t come with a mirror or any brush thingy, but frankly who needs those anyway?

Sooo, thank you for stopping by! I hope that you enjoyed reading this review(s) and that you found this post somewhat helpful πŸ˜€
I’d love to hear if you own any Makeup Revolution products and if you do what do you think about them πŸ™‚ If not, would you try them out?

Have a lovely week! xo,

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