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Swatches and Review: Makeup Revolution ‘s Colour Chaos | Dupe for Urban Decay’s Electric palette?

makeup revolution colour chaos electric paletteHi there! Today I am going to review another eyeshadow palette from Makeup Revolution. As you can tell by the title this is going to be about their Salvation palette named ‘Colour Chaos’. The colors look super pretty at the first sight, but I wanted to swatch them and see if they are actually good 🙂
In case you haven’t read my other Makeup Revolution reviews and you don’t know much about this brand, they’re a UK based cruelty free brand, quite new on the market and super affordable 🙂
Sooo let’s get started with the review and swatches, shall we?

So… the Colour Chaos costs 6 GBP (pounds) and you can find it at Superdrug* or on M.U.R.’s website. Also, this palette is said to be a dupe + some extra eyeshadows for Urban Decay’s Electric Palette and while I do not own that palette I Googled up some images so that I can try to see if it’s true or not.
I like that the palette comes with a mirror and they also gave a name to each eyeshadow. I like to see that people put some thought into what they do, it shows that they still have brains, which a lot of people do not have anymore, lol. But this is a swatch and review post, not a rant, so let’s see what else. I also like that the palette itself looks neat and doesn’t look cheap – for this price a lot of palettes from other brands would look like total crap. You also get a small brush/sponge applicator thingy whatever, but who cares about that?
On the back of the box it comes in they wrote “18 selected shades | 12 shimmer | 6 matte | all super-pigmented” and on the back of the packaging somewhere they say “professional eyeshadows” – Let’s see about that!

Since Makeup Revolution’s Colour Chaos palette has three rows I thought it would be easier to swatch each one at the time.

Okay so row 1.


The first eyeshadow, “Gleam”, is a super shimmery silver. It is opaque and super creamy. So far I really like it. And from what I’ve seen it looks like a complete dupe for Urban Decay’s ‘Revolt’ (from the Electric palette).
The second eyeshadow is “Wkd” (what does that even mean? lol) – a shimmery light blue eyeshadow. I love me some blues, but this one is crap. It barely shows, such a bummer. Again, from the picture it does look like a dupe for UD’s ‘Gonzo’.
“Tom Tom” is a pretty shimmery orange eyeshadow (it looks rather red in the picture, but it is an orange in real life, lol). It does look pretty, but it certainly could use more pigmentation. Again, it looks pretty similiar to ‘Slowburn’ from the Electric palette.
4th eyeshadow  is named ‘Pink Obsessed’. This looks like a matte and it resembles ‘Savage’ from the Electric palette. I think it’s a super fun color and the pigmentation is… decent, let’s say.
Next we have “On a Mission” which is a beautiful shimmery green eyeshadow. I’ve never wore anything that looks similiar, but I am excited to. The pigmentation for this one is on point but this time it is slightly darker than UD’s ‘Fringe’.
Lastly on this row we have ‘Over-bored’ which could be such a beautiful deep blue eyeshadow (yes I know it looks rather purpleish in the pic). Too bad the pigmentation is not good… I don’t think this is a dupe for any eyeshadow from UD’s Electric palette.. maybe it was meant to be a dupe for ‘Chaos’ but more darker.

Now let’s move on to the second row of the Colour Chaos palette:)


First shade is “Needed To…” – a shimmery and pretty pink eyeshadow. Bit darker and more on the purple side than Pink Obsessed but I love how it looks 🙂 It is creamy and has great pigmentation. And it does look pretty similiar to “Jilted” from the Electric palette.
Then there is “Me Three”. I recently got into purple eyeshadows and I find this really pretty. It’s shimmery but the pigmentation is so and so – not bad but it could use a tiny bit more. It looks very similiar to UD’s ‘Urban’.
“Do it now” is a super pretty light shimmery green. Very creamy and pigmented and probably only a tiny bit darker than ‘Freak’ from the Electric palette.
The fourth eyeshadow is named “Toxic apple-tini” and it’s a shimmery greenish yellow one. This isn’t a color that I would reach for, I’ll be thrilled if I even use it once or twi lmao. While I have nothing against yellow eyeshadows, this color isn’t very pretty. And it either doesn’t show on my skin tone or it isn’t very pigmented. It is a little bit more on the green side than UD’s ‘Thrash’.
“Ammunition”/5th eyeshadow is again sparkly and it is a pretty interesting color. Like a purpleish plum eyeshadow I think? I am horrible at describing colors haha! However I like the pigmentation of this one :).
And the last eyeshadow on this row is “Deliver me” – shimmery and a beautiful dark forest green color. It looks a bit darker in the picture but believe me it’s super pretty! 🙂 And the pigmentation is decent I guess.

Time for the last row of the Colour Chaos palette, wooo! This one is a disappointment though…

makeup revolution colour chaos palette swatches

First eyeshadow is “Super Y”. It is matte and this would be the kind of yellow eyeshadow I would reach for quite often if I would want to use yellow in my makeup. Would, but not going to. Why? As you can see, the pigmentation is craaaap.
“My demons” is another gorgeous matte eyeshadow that I will probably never reach out for. You can barely see it on my hand and it isn’t because the flash washed it out or something. It didn’t show up in real life either. Sad…
“TipX” is the white one. Again, it is matte and complete trash.
I would have probably experimented with “I said Go!” – the fourth matte green eyeshadow. But not going to. Again, what is this?
“Beyond Real” would have ended up on my crease a lot of times in the summer time, but again it isn’t pigmented. well, if I think about it, this one is the most pigmented eyeshadow of this row, but it isn’t exactly what I am looking for.
“Calm me down” a.k.a. the last eyeshadow is a matte beige that shouldn’t even be in the palette. Why? Because if it wasn’t or if it is in there the result is the same: it is as if it doesn’t even exist! It doesn’t show, doesn’t do anything!!! WTF?

In conclusion,
♡ It’s not highly relevant but I have 11 shimmer and 7 mattes in the Colour Chaos palette , not like 12/6 like they said. It’s okay though, but 6/7 of the mattes are crap. I prefer mattes lol.
Some of these eyeshadow made me wonder what is their definition of “Super-pigmented” or “professional eyeshadows” 
♡ Again, pretty irrelevant but I like how they named these eyeshadows. Some of them have really cool names hehe 🙂 
♡ It shouldn’t even be legal to put such crappy eyeshadows like the one from the third row in a palette. Even crap Romanian makeup brands that nobody has ever heard of are more pigmented. WTH, Makeup Revolution, WTH?!?!
♡ However. The first 10 shades are dupes or pretty close to Urban Decay’s Electric palette. 4 of them aren’t as good, but if you think about it 6 GBP is a heck of a lot less than 50+ bucks you would pay for UD’s palette. It’s way more affordable and the eyeshadows that are good are pretty as well.
♡ I haven’t tried wearing these on my lids, so I don’t know if they are long lasting or if they crease though 🙁
I am talking about the eyeshadows that actually show now.
♡ Since this palette is budget friendly, I think it is great for these of us who like to pop some color on our lids 🙂 Both lighter and dark shades, too bad they are all shimmery.

Overall, I am happy I got the Colour Chaos palette. It certainly didn’t blow my mind. There are big disappointments in here, but there are also some shades that are really pretty and that I didn’t own.
Would I recommend it? I don’t know. While 6 GBP isn’t a fortune, it is up to you to decide wether this is good or not. If you think about it, 10 out of 18 eyeshadows aren’t very awesome. Will you pay 6 pounds for 8 good eyeshadows? It’s less than a quid/eyeshadow but then again they could have put more effort into it.

I hope this review on Makeup Revolution’s Colour Chaos palette was helpful and totally let me know if you own this palette or if you have tried other Makeup Revolution products before 🙂 I’d love to hear your feedback.

Thank you for stopping by!


This is not a sponsored post. I bought this item with my own money, all of the opinions stated above are my own and I am not paid to feature it.  Also, just because I wasn’t happy with all of the eyeshadows from this palette I am in no way trying to bash this product or anything of that kind.

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