Top 10 Under £10 | The Best of Affordable Makeup That You Need To Try

There’s nothing better than affordable makeup that performs as good as high end, is there? Granted I don’t own a lot of expensive makeup, but there are some products in my collection that I swear by. I thought about it long and hard, and I finally decided which are 10 of my favorite products at the moment. And on the bright side, they’re all under £10!

#1 Rimmel London Match Perfection Silky Loose Face Powder (Translucent) – £6.99*
I love translucent loose powders. They are great for setting the face, as well as baking. And the reason why this Rimmel powder made it to the list of my holy grail products is that it doesn’t flash back in photography. Yes, you heard that right. It provides a beautiful, silky matte finish, it’s affordable and it doesn’t make me look like a ghost in selfies.

#2 L’oreal Brow Artiste Brow Plumper – £6.99*
This eyebrow gel sets my brows in place really good. And even though it doesn’t mention it’s supposed to, it adds a bit of volume to my pretty sparse brows. I have tried both the transparent and the medium dark, and they both work just as good.

#3 Maybelline Push Up Drama Water Proof Mascara in Very Black – £7.99*
I don’t wear this on a daily, but I had to include this in my top 10 list. I am the kind of person that will wear waterproof foundation and mascara to the pool. Or to the beach. I got this last year before I went to Tenerife and it blew my mind! Very black is a very accurate description. Push up drama… absolutely, in 2 coats. And this does not come off! Wet it, rub it, nothing moves this from my lashes. Just rubbing my eyes with face oil for a solid minute. Win!

#4 Makeup Revolution Luxury Banana Powder – £5*
You have probably seen lots of beauty influencers use a banana powder under their eyes. It’s great for setting the concealer as well as brightening the undereye area a little. I always wanted to try one, but I could never commit to spending a lot of money on BenNye or whatever. So when Makeup Revolution came out with their luxury banana powder, I had to get it! It’s very affordable and it does make my undereye look less dull. However, if you are very fair in complexion I would use a very light hand. This tends to leave a yellow hue behind.

#5 Freedom Brow Pomade in Ash Brown – £5*
Another gem under £10! For the longest time, I couldn’t understand the hype about brow pomades. I thought that eyebrow powder or pencils work just fine. But this Freedom brow pomade took my brow game to the next level! It is so much easier to give my brows a shape, have them very defined and fill in as well. I don’t even need to go in with powder or pencil after.

#6 L’oreal Infallible Fixing Mist – £8.99*
I wasn’t going to include this in my top 10 as I already talked about it in my 2016 favorites, but I have to. It’s scary to think about how many backups I have of this setting spray. It does last a good few months, but you know… just in case. First of all, it makes all of my powders blend seamlessly into my skin. Secondly, it’s great if I want to intensify my highlighters. And most importantly, it makes my makeup last a lot longer and better! Because of the stupid aircon at work, my skin used to go all sorts of crazy. And it used to get very oily very quickly. But since I started using this more religiously I noticed that it’s very, very rare that I ever get oily anymore. Love it!

#7 L’oreal False Lash Superstar X-Fibre Mascara – £7.99*
For some reason, this mascara retails for £10.99 at other drugstore shops. But Boots has always sold it, and still does, for £7.99. This is an awesome mascara! I won’t go into much detail as I already have a review on it, but I fell in love with it quickly. It does get a bit clumpy when you build it up, but it actually made me skip false lashes a couple times. Love it!

#8 L’oreal Paris Infallible Lip Color in Invincible Sable – £9.99*
This is one of my all time favorite nudes. I love the grey undertone and it looks so flattering on me. Besides, it lasts really good, even though intensive make out sessions. It didn’t make it to my top 5 liquid lipsticks for spring&summer, but I did not forget about it! 🙂

#9 Sleek Oh So Special Eyeshadow Palette – £8.99*
I was in love with this little palette, then I forgot about it, then I fell in love with it again. You know I love a little pop of color 🙂 I think the shimmery shadows in this palette are great and very pigmented. The mattes are alright, they need to be built up a little, but beautiful nonetheless. Review and swatches here.

#10 Bourjois Highlighter & Bronzer Duo – 7.99*
Okay this actually has some French name (bleh) so I just put it in a more simple way. Highlighter & Bronzer duo. It was actually a Christmas gift from my cousin, and I love it! The bronzer is awesome!! It is more on the neutral to cool side so it’s great for adding a little bit of color to my face as well as sculpting my cheekbones and my nose. To be honest, the highlighter is rather sheer. It’s not something I would usually be keen on, but since it’s so natural I just use it for work. And since I use it so much, it had to make it to my top 10. 🙂

And these are 10 of my current holy grail products! What is some drugstore makeup you would recommend? I love good and affordable makeup!


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