Top 5 Favorite Lipsticks for Spring & Summer ♡

Hello beauties! Today I am going to share with you the top 5 lipsticks that I absolutely loved this spring and that I’m totally gonna rock this summer 🙂 I’ve never (and probably never will) wore a lip colors just because they go well with the season or trend, but I think that these 5 go pretty well for spring & summer, especially since they’re quite bright and/or vibrant 🙂
Sooo, if you’d like to see what my top picks are, then you can keep on reading this post or watch the YouTube video below 🙂 Enjoy xo!

I figured that instead of including weird close-up of my lips with all these color swatched, I’d better post a picture in which I wear them… and also include a link to a tutorial in which I used the lipstick 🙂

#5 W7 Butter Kiss Lipstick – Red Dawn
Now, I still can’t figure out how an orange -y-red lipstick made it to my top picks. I am not one to wear red lips usually, but for some reason this orange lipstick really stole my heart. I love it, especially since I pretty much am too lazy to do more than a winged line and loads of lashes when I go outside. I guess I like the pin-up ish kind of look on me, hehe!
Another thing that I like about this lipstick is that despite the fact that my lips are quite dry/chapped usually, that doesn’t show when I wear this on my lips 🙂 Which is always a good thing! Lasts for a decent amount of time too, so I can’t complain. Click for the makeup tutorial!

#4 P.S. Love… Liquid Lipstick – 01 Pink
If there’s one thing that’s never changed about my likings, is pink lips. I looove pink lips, no matter the time of the day or the season, as mentioned above! This liquid lipstick from Primark is more of a lip gloss in my opinion though – it transfers, doesn’t try matte, if you push your lips together it’s a bit tacky and it certainly doesn’t last as long as a liquid lipstick.
However the color is brilliant!!! In two layers it’s such a beautiful neon pink, and as lame as it may sound, I kind of feel like a Barbie when I wear this (I’m just missing the blue eyes, gotta get my hands on some contact lenses lol). The brightness and lipstick will wear off, but my lips stay quite pink throughout the day, so I don’t mind that too much 😀 (I am not one to reapply lipsticks, lol)
Click for the makeup tutorial!

#3 Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick – Bliss
Absolutely gorgeous (and bit neon in some lighting situations) peachy nude lipstick!!! It’s one of the best 1 pound that I’ve ever spend on a makeup item, haha. I love pairing this with a similiar color lip gloss (Naive, by Makeup Revolution as well) when I go out or especially when I am filming a makeup look that’s more on the bold/smokey side. It’s not extremly long lasting, but for one quid you cannot go wrong with this lipstick!
Click for the makeup tutorial!

#2 Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick – Enchant
Yusss, another pink! Been my go to this winter as well, which kind of explains how much I love this. It’s more on the purple-ish side of pinks, and it’s absolutely gorgeous!! I feel like it’s more pink and bright when I first apply it, and as it wear offs it’s more on the purple side – so depeding on what exactly I’m feeling, I either leave it like that or use a napkin to make it less vibrant. However I decide to wear it though, it’s really wearable and … uhm, dunno what else to say besides the fact that I love it.
Click for the makeup tutorial!

#1 Rimmel London Provocalips – 310 Little Minx
Pink lipstick, again, but this time on the darker side (which is quite unusual for me!). Totally love it and will repurchase it. I love the formula, it’s super long lasting and I really wish that Rimmel would come out with more colors for this liquid lipstick (I have it in nude and red as well), especially a lighter pink that would suit my style a bit better. However, since I got this beauty about 3-4 months ago, I have been wearing it like crazy, for stupid amount of hours and at the end of the day it looks just as good as when I first applied it. Totally recommend it to anybody! Read a more in-depth review for it here!
Click for the makeup tutorial!

So… what is your favorite lipstick or lip color to wear this time of the year? Let me know!

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