Travel Diary: 2nd day in Dubai | Atlantis Waterpark, ZipLine & Dubai Marina

Come see what I was up to on my 2nd day in Dubai! From going to the Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark in the morning, to trying Zip Lining for the first time, to taking the monorail back to the city and having a walk around Dubai Marina!

As you might recall from yesterday’s post, I tried to plan somewhat of a schedule for the time I was in UAE. For my 2nd day in Dubai I thought it would be cool to check out the Aquaventure Waterpark at Atlantis the Palm. Water parks are something that I’ve always been keen on and it was exciting to go see what they have to offer.

I got there as soon as they opened, and it was still pretty quiet at 10 am so I could walk around and take lots of pictures of the place. It is quite big and you have a few water slides to choose from, which are really cool and fun. I thought this one in the first picture below was the most interesting looking one, however I was not brave enough to go on a ride. I had great fun on all of the other ones though!

You also get beach access included in the ticket, just in case you want to relax a little and take a break from the crowds that get pretty intense around noon time. However, the water temperature is still quite cold in February so I couldn’t enjoy a swim in the Gulf. Beautiful nonetheless!

After lunch I realized that they have a few zip lines and I’ve always been eager to try that. I remember last year I saw a video online of someone ZipLining in Dubai, but that closed down so I thought I lost my shot. However I did not hesitate when I saw that I can do it at Atlantis! It wasn’t included in the ticket price, so I had to pay extra but I think the experience was really cool and worth the money. Besides, you can go how many times you want! Yeah, it’s not the biggest Zip Line ever, but it still was a cool experience!

When I got to Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark I saw that there is something like an elevated railway traveling around, and after a quick Google Search I found out that that was the monorail that takes you from Atlantis back to Dubai. It is still not fully finished I think, as it doesn’t stop at the other stations in between. But I thought it could be worth taking that back to Dubai instead of a taxi. It was much cheaper, and you can see the Palm Island and the Atlantis Hotel much better from that angle too. I am not sure what it is about Atlantis but I find it so fascinating and impressive. It’s something about the way it was build that just awes me.

Since I didn’t have anything booked for the afternoon and evening of my 2nd day in Dubai, I thought I could walk to the Marina to see the yachts and then go for a walk. The bad thing about the monorail is that it stopped in a building that wasn’t finished, it looked like it is going to be a mall or something in the future. However I didn’t manage to find the pedestrians exit so I just carefully walked around the car park entrance to make my way outside. I saw that Dubai Marina was around 2 km away, and since it did eventually get quite warm and pleasant outside I walked.

One thing I found interesting was that there were not a lot of people on the street. I walked for over 20 minutes and I saw 10 persons tops. Everybody just takes their cars or a taxi. But then again I am always surrounded by people at home and at work so it is rather refreshing for me to have some quiet time away from the crowds. Besides, being a big cities kind of persons allowed me to stop on the street and take pictures of the tall buildings that I love to admire.

I finally got to Dubai Marina and it was pretty cool. All the shiny boats and yachts were a big source of motivation for me. One day I am going to own one! 🙂 After making sure I had enough pictures taken, I took an water taxi and crossed over to Marina Terrace.

Then I just went ahead and walked for a good hour or so. I am not sure if that was ‘The Walk at JBR’ that I kept reading about online, but every so often I could see signs that said something among the lines of ‘7km of walking’ and whatnot. It was late in the afternoon, by that time the heat started to fade away slowly, so the walk felt very relaxing and refreshing. There are lots of coffee shops, restaurants and shisha places across the area, but I wasn’t quite hungry yet and I just wanted to enjoy my walk. My phone says that was actually my most active day, with over 26,000 steps walked and that doesn’t include strolling around the Atlantis Waterpark. Look at me being active, woohoo!

To end my 2nd day in Dubai I took a taxi back to my hotel where I just ran a bath then went down for dinner. I was quite surprised during my walk to find a Romanian restaurant and cafe in Dubai! I couldn’t be bothered to stop and check it out, it wasn’t exactly in my way either, but it made me think ‘Jeez, we really are everywhere!’, haha.

Would you prefer seeing what I did on my 2nd day in Dubai in a video version? Check out my YouTube vlog below! 🙂

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