Travel Diary: 3rd Day in Dubai | Dolphinarium & Desert Safari!

Dolphinarium in the morning, desert safari in the evening? Sounds great to me! Come see what I’ve been up to on my 3rd day in Dubai!

The previous day I went for a quite long walk and while it was refreshing, I also felt a little tired. So on my 3rd day in Dubai I managed to sleep in a little more, as the shows at the Dolphinarium were scheduled to start at 11 am. Feeling relaxed and refreshed, I got ready and then I took a taxi to head to the other side of Dubai. The Dolphinarium is actually in a park, where you have to pay an entrance ticket. That was something new to me, as was the fact that you were not allowed to smoke in the park. Annoying? Yeah, but then again it kind of makes sense. Kind of.

After a quick, short walk I headed to the Dolphinarium, grabbed some pop corn and took a seat waiting for the show to start. The VIP ticket wasn’t a lot more expensive than the regular one, so I chose that one in order to get a better seat. And oh boy, I couldn’t have chosen better!

It started with a quick seals show, which I found cute and amusing. However it was the dolphins that I was excited about. Before buying my tickets I was debating whether or not to pay extra to go swim with the dolphins or take pictures with them, and now looking back I am kinda sad I didn’t. But the show was amazing nonetheless.

For some reason I was expecting them to start with the dolphins swimming around the big pool, but nope, they skipped right to the tricks. Before I knew it 2 gorgeous dolphins jumped out of the water and I was in awe. Yes, the show had me feeling like a little kid, even though this was the week before my 23rd birthday. I really enjoyed it, especially since it’s something you don’t get to see everyday. The dolphins are so beautiful and the tricks they did left me a bit mesmerized.

Soon after the show finished, I stayed around the park for a little while longer. I had an ice cream and had a peak at the two camels in the park. I rode a camel in Egypt, so I didn’t go for a ride. Besides, I think it was meant for the kids, not the grown ups, haha. However it was a great start to my 3rd day in Dubai.

After lunch I returned to my hotel to change into something more comfortable that I didn’t mind getting dirty in the desert. The tour company phoned me the day before and said the pick would be between 2.30 and 3.30 pm. Yeah, not very specific and I somehow felt like I was wasting half of my day waiting around. Actually, I was really annoyed because my driver was probably stuck in traffic or whatever and only made it to my hotel at 4pm.

However, it was one of those crazy drivers that usually get you praying for your life. Well, not literally, I am not a religious person, and I actually quite enjoy the kick of adrenaline I get from that, but I know some people who would have freaked out, haha.

Half an hour later we got to this place, which was like a meeting point for desert safari tours and we stopped there for 45 minutes. You could go ride a quad bike (not included in the ticket price), take pictures with a falcon, shop for souvenirs or have a quick snack.

5 minutes after we left there, we got off the roads. The driver stopped to wait for another car, and told us to hold on to the handles above our heads. And then the fun started! Dune bashing was hands down one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. With having a crazy driver, it was a lot more intense than I expected it to be! I was trying to film out the window and take pictures, but I couldn’t keep my hand straight for the life of me, haha!

We stopped in the middle of the desert to take some pictures. It was around the sunset, so everything looked gorgeous! Then we went back to dune bashing for another 20 minutes or so and finally made it at the final stop. It was a pretty cool setting in the dessert, with a big stage in the middle, surrounded by tables all around and a bar behind. We had starters and later on a barbeque, paid to smoke a shisha and sat down to enjoy the shows.

The first one was a bedouin dance, if I am not mistaken, then a really cool belly dance and last one was a fire show. All of them were impressive, especially the latter! You could also go ride a camel in between the shows or go get a henna tattoo (which I did!), so that was pretty cool.

I got back to my hotel after 9pm, but on the way back we didn’t dune bash too much since it was already dark. However, this desert safari was, as I mentioned earlier, one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had! It was worth every penny, and the annoying wait, and I am really glad I tried it! I know for a fact my 3rd day in Dubai is something I am not going to forget anytime soon!

Would you like to see everything I talked about in a video? Check out the vlog from my 3rd day in Dubai below! 🙂


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