Travel Diary: 4th day in Dubai | Moving Image Museum, Jumeirah Beach, Burj al Arab, Dubai Museum & Taking an Abra!

My 4th day in Dubai was pretty full, at least for the first part! If you’ve read my travel diary from the beginning of my trip in Dubai, then you would know that for the most part of my trip I planned ahead what I want to do and where I want to go. However on the 4th day I did not have any plans, I just knew I want to go to Dubai Museum and for the rest I pretty much just winged it.

So I woke up still feeling pretty hyped from the desert safari I was on the evening before. As I said, it was one of the best experiences I have ever had! I got ready, and after showing off my henna tattoo in about 50 selfies I was ready to go out and explore Dubai some more. The 4th day in Dubai was a lot warmer than the others and I could feel that from the early morning when I went out for a smoke. Exciting!

I looked on TripAdvisor for stuff to do nearby, and I saw that the Dubai Moving Image Museum was less than a half mile away. I decided to walk and enjoy the beautiful weather. No point taking a taxi for a location that is within a few minutes walking distance anyway. Did I manage to get lost and not find it straight away? Yeah, the streets were a bit confusing, but I made it!

See, ‘Moving Image Museum’ had me thinking that they would have some cool optical illusions pictures inside, or whatever. I expected to see something moving, you know. It wasn’t until now that I realized that moving images are how videos were made in the first place (*pats self on the shoulder for being so smart*)! However, it was still cool to see how photography and later on, videography, developed during the years. These old school cameras and devices look really cool to me.

The museum was quite small and it didn’t take long to see everything. As Burj al Arab is one of the first things that come to mind when I hear of Dubai, I hopped in a taxi and headed to see the hotel. From outside, of course. Apparently you can’t even get too close if you aren’t accommodated there! I couldn’t get the best view from the front of it, where my taxi dropped me off so I opened my Google Maps and saw that Jumeirah Beach is very close. I figured I could get a better view from there, so I started heading towards it.

And was I right! You get an amazing view of Burj al Arab! And Jumeirah Beach itself is lovely! I spent a good couple hours on the beach. Taking in the view, relaxing, taking photos and walking. For some reason I wasn’t expecting to make it to the beach that day, so I didn’t have a swimsuit on. I already realized 2 days before that the water temperature is way too cold to go swimming anyway, so I didn’t miss much. I did roll my jeans up and tested the water again though. Oh boy, it was freezing cold!

I found a quiet spot on some rocks and relaxed there for a bit more. It kind of surprised me that the sand wasn’t as soft as I expected. You could feel small rocks, broken clams/oyster shells and whatever not under your feet while walking. I don’t know much about beaches, but for some reason I expected a lot more from Dubai. However, Jumeirah Beach was probably my highlight of my 4th day in Dubai.

I went for lunch and then hopped into a taxi and headed to Dubai Museum. It was on the other side of the city from where I had my hotel, and it would have taken too long to just walk there. However this area is more of the old part of the town and you can clearly see the style differences.

Dubai Museum was interesting and informative! I was reading a lot about their lifestyle thousands and hundreds of years ago, way before Dubai was famous. What were their main activities and how they used to make a living. It looks like bedouins used to sleep during the hot days and go out hunting at night – so relatable! No, I don’t hunt, but I also sleep during days and stay up all night haha. Then it was cool to see how Dubai grew more and more each decade of the 20th century and how it got to where it is today. I’m not much of a history junkie, but I think this is a top attraction that you cannot pass on if you visit the city.

Before my trip I was reading online of these boats, called abra, that cross the Creek between Dubai and Deira for only 1 Dirham (like $0.25?). The station wasn’t far from the Dubai Museum so I just walked over there. Also stopped to buy some fridge magnets on the way, haha! Taking an abra was cool! I have to admit Deira didn’t wow me too much, though. I prefer the newer part of Dubai, with tall and flashy buildings, fast cars and American-style streets. So after a quick walk and realizing I don’t have much to do (not that I knew of, I didn’t have WiFi so I couldn’t look for attractions) I headed back to the area I stayed in and relaxed for the rest of the evening of my 4th day in Dubai.

Would you rather see what I did on my 4th day in Dubai in a video? Check out my vlog below! 🙂

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