Travel Diary: 5th day in Dubai | Helicopter Flight, Atlantis Lost Chambers Aquarium & Final Thoughts!

Would YOU pay £250 to fly in a helicopter to see Dubai and the Palm Island? Well, that’s what I did on my 5th day in Dubai. Except I managed to find a better deal and ended up paying about 75 pounds less for that.

See, when I was looking online for top attractions in Dubai the helicopter flight was the one thing that caught my attention most. But it seemed expensive though, oh so expensive! £250 for a 15-17 minute flight above the Palm and Dubai? That’s a bit insane. I mean my plane ticket was £300 from London, with return! So on my last couple of nights at work before my holiday I was asking everybody the same question: Would YOU pay £250 to fly in a helicopter? To see Dubai and the Palm Island from that angle? If you had the money and could afford it? A lot of them said no, that’s crazy expensive and not worth it. Others said if they had the money they would do it, and agreed that it’s not often that you get such an opportunity. Anyway, if you read my 23 Things I Learned in 23 Years post, then you know I often just ask people for their opinion just because I want to see what they think, not because I am going to take their advice.

Well, it turns out I had things confused. Or I just ended up finding a better deal on Viator. It was still quite expensive, $220/£175 for a 15 minute helicopter flight. But then I thought about it and I realized something. It’s not everyday that I go to Dubai. And for sure it’s not everyday that I get to fly in a helicopter! I was asking literally everybody at work, so clearly this idea was well fixed in my head. I am pretty sure if I wouldn’t have done it, I would have regretted it lots.

When I got back to my hotel from Atlantis Waterpark and Dubai Marina, I finally decide to book the flight. You need 48 hours to get confirmation. It all depends on the weather conditions. So I figured I would do it on my 5th day in Dubai. Save the best for last, I thought. I got the confirmation in the afternoon of day 4,  when I was headed to see the Dubai Museum, and I couldn’t be more excited!

And there I am, on my 5th day in Dubai waiting for my pick up. For some reason I was expecting the driver to be a bit late, as a couple days before that happened when I was waiting to go on a desert safari. But he was right on time! Less than 20 minutes later he was parking next to Atlantis, at the Fly High Dubai helipad.

The helicopter flight was indeed amazing. Both landing and take off are very smooth, a lot smoother than a plane! And I was right. Seeing Dubai and the Palm Island while flying in a helicopter was an experience well worth the money. 4th and 5th day in Dubai were probably the warmest, yet during my flight it was a bit windy so I feel like the view was not as clear as I’d hoped. Still unforgettable, though! I was in awe for a good 5 minutes before I snapped myself back to reality, haha. 🙂

After I landed back my driver asked if I’ve seen the Lost Chambers Aquarium at the Atlantis Hotel. I went to Atlantis Waterpark on my 2nd day, but I didn’t actually see the Aquarium there. As he was finished work for the day, he offered to take me and show me around.

Let me start by saying that Atlantis is truly a piece of art! Everything about it is charming. The architecture, the interior design, the dozens shops they have inside and how the hotel itself can be an attraction that can easily take 1 day to explore is just… wow.

As far as the Lost Chambers Aquarium goes, it is amazing as well! I remember a few years back my uncle told me watching his fish swim around in their water tank was relaxing. I never fully understood that until I was watching fish swim through big, tall windows. Why is that so refreshing?

Okay, I didn’t actually go inside the Aquarium, but there are big windows that you can watch through. And the species of fish they have in the Aquarium… both this one and the Dubai Aquarium is fascinating! There are so many types of fish and sea creatures that I didn’t even know existed! It’s safe to say I was truly impressed.

To finish off my tour of the Atlantis Hotel, the driver took a few pictures of me in this gigantic Atlantis chair. Throne, actually. I was trying to act cool about it before I eventually gave in and started posing, haha! I have to confess though, at being 5’10 tall there are not a lot of things that make me feel small. This throne had me feel tiny though!

I was dropped back at my hotel and I just realized now I should have probably given the driver a big tip for taking his time to show me around. What a lovely man! I mean, who does things out of their own kind heart and expect nothing in return anymore? I should really work on becoming more considerate.

And now time for my final thoughts of Dubai. A quick review, if you will. I kind of guessed it from the beginning of my trip, but was absolutely sure of it by the end of my 5th day in Dubai. I absolutely loved the city and everything it has to offer! It definitely stole my heart and if certain laws would change over the years I would hands down love to live there. The memories I made are worth every penny and more. Every day I worked my bum off to be able to afford the trip and every hour, minute and second I felt like I’ve had enough of my job. No other place, and no other person for that matter, has managed to make me feel the way I felt during my trip in Dubai. I’m not very good at describing my positive feelings, so we’ll have to save that for another day. But I’ll put it this way: if you can save up and go, even for a few days, you HAVE to! And the people, they are made of gold. Some literally, but I am talking about their warm hearts and how welcoming and friendly they are.

I truly hope you enjoyed reading my travel diaries from Dubai. It was hands down one of the best weeks of my life, and I am happy to share it with the rest of the world.
What is the one place you visited that stole your heart?

On the 5th day in Dubai I only managed to film the helicopter flight and my overall thoughts about the trip. If you wanna see the video, check out the vlog below!

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