Travel Diary: Abu Dhabi | Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Heritage Village, Ferrari World & More!

As you may be aware, I was recently in holiday in Dubai. And I figured I cannot go to UAE and not visit the capital, Abu Dhabi. I love big cities, and I much more prefer a capital over a quiet spot in nature. While I was searching online for things to do and top attractions, I managed to find a full day tour of Abu Dhabi, with hotel pick up and drop off from Dubai. And needless to say that for only $59 on Viator I felt like I hit the jackpot with this tour!

The pick up was quite early in the morning and to be fair until you get close to Abu Dhabi there is not much going on. Lots of mosques, a sheikh palace here and there, but for the most part it’s only highway. Luckily, the tour guide was entertaining and gave us lots of information about Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE and kept everybody awake and interested.

The first stop was at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. The Mosque is just… impressive! I thought that Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai was beautiful, but the Sheikh Zayed one just took gorgeous to a whole ‘nother level! I don’t follow any religion, not am I usually interested in churches or mosques, but this one managed to fascinate me.

First of all, it’s so big! And breathtaking. The architecture is great, and it feels more like a palace than a place of worship. It’s huge and so luxurious, so well lit and the interior design is fantastic. Minus the overly floral green carpet, that took years to make, that did not wow me too much. And yes, I do realize that comparing a mosque to a palace is rather ignorant, but I can totally see myself on a sofa under one of these huge chandeliers watching my TV shows. Then going for a swim in one of the pools surrounding it, haha.

After the tour of Sheikh Zayed Mosque we were on our way to the Marina Mall to grab something for lunch. However we had to stop to see the panoramic skyline of Abu Dhabi. You might remember that tall buildings fascinate me, and when you add a beautiful sea view to that it’s just the perfect view.

Getting closer to Marina Mall I couldn’t help but notice a building strikingly similar to Atlantis Hotel from Dubai (not as stunning though), and a huge Ferris wheel that the tour guide joked is a replica after London Eye. It kind of makes sense, strolling through Dubai and a quick view of Abu Dhabi is enough to see that these people get inspiration from all over the world and take things to a whole new level. Cool!

After our lunch break we were on the way to Heritage Village. It’s a small and quite pretty replica of a Bedouin village, but apart from taking a few pictures and buying souvenirs there isn’t too much to do. Still cool to see it though!

What I really loved about Heritage Village, and about Abu Dhabi as a whole is how green and/or colorful it is. So many trees and palm trees, and the import flowers that you can find everywhere just sent me good vibes.

Last stop of the trip was Ferrari World. We saw the Yas Marina Formula 1 Circuit briefly from outside, and these roller coasters look awesome! Since this stop was at the end of the tour we didn’t have the change to go inside and experience the rides, so I definitely have to go back and go on a few rides at some point, it looks like they should be great fun and quite thrilling.

Of course I am that person who goes to Ferrari World but ends up being more fascinated by the vintage BMWs parked outside (#TrueLove). Don’t get me wrong, Ferrari are beautiful, but BMW will always be above gorgeous. I mean look at these beauties, I couldn’t help but stop to take a few pictures of them while everybody was rushing inside. 🙂

And that was most of my day in Abu Dhabi! I think the city is beautiful, but since I was just passing and didn’t have the chance to experience too much of it, it’s still Dubai that stole my heart. However if you have the chance to go, even for a day tour, it goes without saying that it’s worth checking out!


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