Travel Diary: Dubai Day 1 | Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai Fountain, Burj Khalifa & Aquarium!

I recently came back from Dubai and I decided to start a travel diary. It’s something that I wanted to do for a long time and what better time to start than after visiting Dubai? I feel like I’ve done quite a few things in the week I was there so this week I will have a travel diary post every day: 5 posts about the city that stole my heart and another one on a day trip to Abu Dhabi, but that’s only going to be up next Saturday. So let’s get started!

On the first day I got to Dubai I didn’t actually do much. I was tired after traveling for nearly 20 hours, there was a sand storm and after a short walk I called it a day. So on the first full day I had I woke up full of energy and willing to explore the famous city. I pre-booked some tours and bought some tickets to the main attractions from home in order to have somewhat of a schedule, but I also allowed myself to have some free time and do whatever I feel like.

On Saturday I planned to visit Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Aquarium, but I had the morning free. So I went to the Jumeirah Mosque and made it just in time for the programme ‘Open Doors, Open Minds’. The Mosque looks beautiful inside and out, and learning about the 5 pillars of Islam and what the religion stands for was very interesting.

The programme lasted around 40 to 45 minutes, and after having a good look around I decided to go find a beach nearby. Of course I was out of luck and the beach was closed. There is still a lot of construction going on in Dubai, and it seemed like they were building something on the beach. So what I was left to do was head to Dubai Mall and grab something to eat before going at the top of Burj Khalifa at 2pm.

Taxi in Dubai is rather cheap, and in about 10 minutes I was at the Mall. Let me tell you, they are not kidding when they say it’s big! If it weren’t for the signs pointing in the directions I needed, I would have totally gotten lost. Anyway, my ticket was for Burj Khalifa SKY, meaning not only I could go up to level 148, I also got to skip the queues. After having a good old Subway, I went through a random exit to go outside and smoke. What do you know, I made it just in time for the Dubai Fountain show!!

The water show was incredible. I managed to film it and also took lots of pictures while being in awe. If you would like to watch the video, then you can check it out below. It lasts about 3 minutes and it is absolutely amazing. However I only managed to film the entire thing in the evening, when the sun was starting to set, hence the lighting in the video being different than the pictures.

After taking a few pictures I went back inside and decided to go to Burj Khalifa, just to make sure I don’t get stuck waiting in line. At the time I kind of had an idea that I am skipping the queue, but I was not 100% sure. I was right though, and after they checked my ticket they directed me to a room where everyone was greeted with Arab tea and dates.

Getting to level 148 only took a couple minutes. After going through security, that is. There is an elevator going from ground level to 124 in 77 seconds (!) and then another elevator taking you to the Burj Khalifa Sky. Again, we were greeted with juices and the staff were really friendly, but it’s the views that amazed me. Seeing Dubai from literally the sky was breath-taking. Surprisingly enough it didn’t look too bad when I was looking down, for some reason I was expecting to get a little dizzy. But everything was cool! I loved the view. And after taking lots of pictures, I headed back down to level 125.

On level 125 you can have some of the staff take your picture (they are bloody expensive though! but kind of worth it) or just wander around and sit in these cool swings that you see below. They also have a souvenir shop, but again it is rather overpriced compared to a regular shop or a bazaar/souk.

Going one floor below, on level 124 you can actually go outside and see the city. Of course everything is safe, as you have tall glass windows all around but getting some fresh air was good. And of course, take a lot more pictures of Dubai.

When I decided I’m done at Burj Khalifa I took the elevator back down and headed to the other side of the Mall to see the Dubai Aquarium. I don’t know much about fishes or sea creatures, but it’s always exciting to have a look at. The Aquarium is pretty big and impressive too.

Afterwards I decided to catch the Dubai Fountain show once more, as you could read/see above. For some reason I was expecting the 6pm show to be longer than just 3 minutes, but then again it’s pretty understandable why it’s not. Awesome experience nonetheless!

Feeling a bit tired after my unusually full day, I decided to head back to the hotel for my dinner and then chill for the rest of the night. I strongly suggest finding a hotel with breakfast and dinner included, as it would save you a hell lot of money! If you are a food junkie and you want a taste of the local/traditional food, I suppose you can do that too, but food is not exactly my biggest interest so I decided to have half board at my hotel and then have cheap lunches at fast foods when I’d be out and about. Let me tell you though, the food at the hotel was delicious and the deserts… I’ve never been into sweets but for some reason I found myself trying everything they had, haha! Before I go, in case you’re wondering, I book my hotels with* simply because they have great deals (found mine with a night free and 44% off for the rest of the nights!) and it saves a lot of money in the long run.

Would you like to see my day in a video? Check out my Dubai Day 1 vlog below!


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