Travel Diary: Puerto De La Cruz, Tenerife | Perfect Summer Beach Destination

As I am getting more and more enthusiastic planning my summer holiday, I remembered what a good time I had last year when I visited Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife. I was there for 7 nights in August and it was a great way to disconnect from the busy life and relax for a week.

I love beaches. A lot more than I love mountains and whatever else people refer to when they say ‘nature’. For me, unless it’s a beach or a big city (like Dubai?), then I am not even half interested in hearing more. Back to beaches though, I was surprised to see that the sand in Puerto de la Cruz is dark, unlike anything I’ve seen before. After a quick search I found out that black sand beaches are common in West and North of Tenerife, and they are a result of volcanic activity. I found that so cool, different and well, beautiful!

Speaking of beautiful, one of my friends asked me what Tenerife is like. My answer was, ‘imagine you die and go to heaven. Tenerife is heaven!’ Not that I actually believe in the heaven/hell nonsense, but the island is simply gorgeous. The blue ocean water, palm trees, lots of flowers everywhere and the cute buildings in Puerto de la Cruz made me feel… well, happy.

Unlike Spain, or the other Spanish islands, Tenerife is actually very affordable. Prices for dinner, ice cream, fruit or drinks are quite low compared to Europe. Sure, the island is very close to Africa, and that could be why, but all in all Tenerife is a bargain. If you’re a smoker then the island will have you feeling like you’ve hit the jackpot as far as cigarette prices go, or if you’re looking for a dirt-cheap, nice quality fake designer brand handbag, look no further! 🙂

Tenerife’s night life is usually a lot ore active in the South. Puerto de la Cruz is a lot more chill, but of course you have a few clubs to choose from. However there are plenty of restaurants, cafes and pubs that are open until late at night. That’s probably why the streets are very empty in the early hours of the morning, haha.

As far as attractions go, well I’m not quite sure. I know there’s a zoo (maybe I don’t remember correctly) close to Puerto de la Cruz, but not sure about anything else. Usually in my summer holidays I just want to chill on the beach and I don’t play close attention to main attractions.

Speaking of beaches, one thing that was slightly inconvenient for me was having to walk around 20 minutes to find a beach that has umbrellas and sunbeds. Sure, a 20 minutes walk is not too bad, it’s rather enjoyable actually, but I would have preferred it if it was closer to my hotel so I can head over for a free ice cream or cocktails (all inclusive is the way to go!). I mean of course there are lots of beaches around,  but people usually just lay on their towels and aren’t too worried about sitting straight in the sun. Maybe I am just a little posh, but for me a proper beach needs umbrellas and sunbeds, haha. 🙂

And speaking of hotels, I stayed at the Catalonia Las Vegas (4*). I booked it with and it was one of the best deals I could find for 7 nights with all inclusive. Besides, my view was breathtaking. Imagine 180 degrees+ of ocean view. Jackpot! And on top of it, my hotel was right on the strip so I was really close to restaurants and pubs if I wanted to get out for the evening. 🙂

Have you been to Tenerife before? Would you consider going?
Which was your favorite summer holiday destination? I’d love some suggestions!

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  1. I’m completely the same, I love beaches and the sea 😀
    I haven’t been to Tenerife before, but I would love to go! 😀



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