Winter 2015 Lookbook

Hi there! I’ve been wanting to do a lookbook for a while but I kept putting it back because fashion’s never been something I was good at.. However I went shopping about a week ago and I decided that I will just go ahead and share the things I bought and how I style them with other clothing items that I already had. 
I am looking forwards to hearing your opinions and I hope you enjoy this post/video! 🙂

The first outfit is quite casual. That`s how I usually dress up. A pair of jeans, a cute top and a cardigan. These skinny jeans are from Primark and so are my NYC top and the black cardigan. My high boots are from a thrift store in Romania. I put on a simple bracelet with a crystal ball thingy on – again, another Romanian thrift store item. I felt like it goes well with my outfit and it`s not too eye-catching. The earrings were silver and long (I usually love long earrings) but I am not sure where they are from as I received these as a gift from a friend from Germany. 


The second outfit is more dressy in my opinion. I paired my new Primark sweater with a pair of leggings that I got from another Romanian thrift store (yes, I like cheap things 🙂 ). The sweater is warm and cozy but still looks more stylish if you ask me. I didn`t know what shoes to use for this outfit, so I went with my high boots again – after all, I need to be warm, right? I had some long dangle earrings from Debenhams and my necklace was from Poundland – I was thrilled to be able to find such a cute necklace for so cheap. And I also had a bracelet on, as you could get it was another Romanian thrift store one :D. 

Third outfit… back to being casual and not having much to do with fashion hehe. This is another top I bought from Primark recently and the skinny jeans are from Pull & Bear (Romania). I paired these with my thrift store sporshoes, a bracelet from Stradivarius and another pair of Romanian thrift store earrings. I think the sweater is really cute and girly and that`s why I decided to include it in this lookbook. 

Last but not least… the fourth outfit. Again, more elegant than I would usually go for on a daily basis. But it doesn`t hurt to have some dressy clothes, you never know when your friends decide to hang out at some fancy places! The leggings are the same ones from the second outfit and the shoes are from a Romanian online website – they have lots of rhinestones and my poor camera was so unable to focus properly on them, ughh!!! Again, my top is from Primark. The necklace is the same one from the second outfit as well, the one I found at Poundland. The bracelet I had on is another one from Stradivarius and this time I went for some small flower earrings that my aunt got for me (from England, but not sure about the brand). 

So this is my Winter Lookbook :). 
I am excited about my new clothes but I would also like to hear your thoughts or if you have any suggestions. 

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you are having an amazing day! 


This is not a sponsored video/post. These items were bought with my own money unless mentioned otherwise and I am not paid to feature them in my post/video.

Sorry if the angles are weird (my face wasn’t pretty enough for filming, so you can just see like half of it lmao) or if the quality is mehhh. It’s the first time I was trying to film a lookbook and obviously I needed more room… as well as a camera that wouldn’t turn crappy once I tried to zoom in, lol.

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