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Worth the Hype? Rimmel Wonder’Full Mascara Review & Demo

Hey beauties! I recently picked up the Rimmel London Wonder’Full Wake Me Up mascara and after using it for about a month I decided to tell you if it’s worth the hype or not… in my opinion at least! 🙂 I hope you find this helpful xoxo

If you wanna find out what I think about this mascara and see how it works on my lashes, you can either keep reading this post or watch the YouTube video below 🙂

Okay so I’ve seen quite a lot of people raving about this mascara and about the Wonder’Lash one. Not gonna lie, I’ve seen some really good demos on both mascaras, so I decided to pick the latter one. However somehow my brain stopped working for a few minutes and I added the Wonder’Full to my cart. Oh well, since everybody hypes about it, I was still excited to try it out! After all, there are some Rimmel products that I really love and I have pretty high expectations from a product that lots of people talk about. And it’s only £7.99 at Superdrug* or Boots*, which is not that bad.

I suppose it’d be easier if I would quote what Rimmel London says this mascara is supposed to do vs what I think it does/doesn’t.

Quoted from Superdrug’s website (that’s where I picked this up from): “Rimmel London Wonder’Full Wake Me Up Mascara with Vitamins & Cucumber. Eyes look wide-awake all day with defined volume, amazing lift & length! Instantly energizes with its light and refreshing scent.
My thoughts: 

♡ Yeah it does give a little bit of volume. I have quite voluminous lashes naturally so it’s nothing mind blowing for me, but yeah it does give volume.
Length? No. That’s where I have to disagree. I wish it did because I’ve seen it work nice on others but for me it’s like I keep applying and applying and my lashes don’t get any longer. And since length is what I am looking for in a mascara, this is a bit of disappointment.
The scent is quite nice… it smells like cucumbers, and even though I believe I never owned a scented mascara before, this doesn’t bother me or my sensitive-ish eyes anyhow. However you can only feel the scent when you open the tube and apply it, it’s not like you’re gonna smells like cucumbers all day long haha.
♡ They mention “all day”… so this means lasting power. It’s pretty good actually. On a normal work day I need it on for a good 15-16 hours (maybe even more?) and it lasts well without smudging or moving around
Wake up to uplifted lashes! Precision brush wraps each and every lash with defined, clump-free volume, lifting & stretching them all the way up for an eye awakening effect! ” 
♡ By uplifted I suppose they mean it curls your lashes and opens your eyes up. I use a lot of black eyeliner as it is my personal preference, so I can’t say much about opening my eyes up. Curling… hm.. a bit of a curl is another thing that my lashes have naturally, but yeah I suppose I do get a bit more curl from the mascara.
Clump free? Yeah, I suppose, even though it can get clumpy at times, depending on the application.

♡ “Precision brush“… another statement I have to disagree with. Or maybe I am not sure what precision means for them, LOL. The brush is quite fat/big, and with the mascara’s wet formula is preeeeetty easy to mess up and get mascara all over your eyelids. It happened to me a few times, even though I am used to other wet formula mascaras or fat brushes… another thumbs down. And since I just mentioned the formula… I figured I’d lastly talk about transfering: I feel like it transfers quite easily until it sets – after I’m done applying it if I move my eyes like look up/down it can get a bit messy. Don’t know why it transfers so easily, I’ve never had this problem with another mascara.

Bottom line: Not a bad mascara, but not good in my opinion. I will continue to use it when I go to work until it runs/dries out (yeah, I am cheap like that) since I don’t really care about outstanding makeup or super long lashes when I work 12hours/day, lol. 

♡ Would I repurchase? No way. It’s not what I am looking for in a mascara. While I appreciate the lasting power and the bit of volume it gives, if a mascara doesn’t give me enough length, I would never bother with it again.
♡ Would I recommend it? Noooot really… I mean yeah of course, do your research and decide if it is something you want or not. What doesn’t work out for me the way I want it to, other people may enjoy. However I would personally recommend adding a couple bucks and getting the L’oreal Telescopic.

And I guess that’s all for today’s post! I hope you guys found this helpful 🙂
Let me know if you’ve been thinking to get this mascara or if you already own it and what are your thoughts on it. Is it worth the hype in your opinion?

Thanks for stopping by!

This post/video is not sponsored. I bought this item with my own money, all of the opinions are mine and I am not paid to feature this product on my channel.

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